Materials - (Errico, Essler, Fischer, Mancinelli, Marsili, Monella)

"Leaving Venice" session working materials

Session led by Franz Fischer (Ca’ Foscari), Paolo Monella (Sapienza University of Rome), Holger Essler (Ca’ Foscari), Tiziana Mancinelli (Ca’ Foscari; ICDP Digital Library).


  • Introduction - The Bodleian Library manuscript of the Milione MS. Bodl. 264 (M.V. Errico, S. Marsili, 15’):
  • Prototype - Play with the digital edition prototype of the manuscript (5’)
  • Discussion - Look at the manuscript facsimile and its transcription: what elements would you include in a digital representation, and why? (P. Monella, 15 minutes)
    • Look at the Online reproductions of the manuscript
    • Check the partial transcription and translation below
    • Identify features of the document (of its material structure and of its content) that you would like to include in the digital representation
    • Share them with the group (brainstorming)
  • Code reading and discussion - Course attendants hack (read) the digital edition TEI XML source code, and get an inductive introduction to the basics of TEI markup (do you remember Daniele Fusi's slides Toying with Techs on this?). Part 1: material structure vs textual structure - headers, paragraphs, line breaks, rubrica etc. (H. Essler, 15’)
  • Code reading and discussion - Part 2: named entities and Linked Open Data - people and place names (T. Mancinelli, 20’)
  • Round up/Wrap up/Q&A (F. Fischer, 5’)

Manuscript partial transcription and translation

Ci commence li livres du graunt Caam qui parole de la graunt Ermenie de Persse. et des Tartars et d’Ynde. Here begins the book of the Great Khan, which talks about the great Armenia, Persia, the Tartars and India,
Et des granz merveille qui p(ar) le monde sont. and the great wonders that exist in the world.
POur sauoir la pure verité des diuerses regions du monde. To know the pure truth about the different regions of the world
Si prenez cest livre si trouverez les grandesimes merueilles qui so(n)t escriptes en la Grant Hermenie et de Persse. take this book, and you will find the great wonders that are written on Greater Armenia and Persia
Et des Tartars. (et) d’Ynde et de maintes autres provinces. and the Tartars and on India and on many other provinces,
Si comme n(ost)re livres vous contera tout par ordre des que mesires Marc Pol sajes et nobles citoie(n)s de Venice raconte pour ce que il les vit. as Sir Marco Polo will tell you in order of what sir Marco Polo saw and (other) noble citizens of Venice tell because he saw them.
Bodleian MS

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